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The Westborough Water District (WWD) presently employs five full-time employees and one part-time on-call worker.  There are two office/administrative positions, three field positions, and the General Manager.

Here at the WWD, we are very proud to provide our customers with the most efficient service in the most cost-effective manner.  Our staff is always willing and happy to serve you!

District's Organization Chart

Click here for a link to the most current Sate Controller's Report on WWD Compensation 


NAME                 TITLE                           E-MAIL ADDRESS

Darryl Barrow           General Manager                  dbarrow@westboroughwater.com

Patricia Mairena        Assistant General Manager    pmairena@westboroughwater.com

Jennifer L. Genato    Operations Assistant              jgenato@westboroughwater.com

Johnny Kennedy       Field Supervisor                    jkennedy@westboroughwater.com

Carlos Arias              Sr. Field Worker                    carias@westboroughwater.com

Patrick Sumner         On-call Worker                       no e-mail address available

We now have a Deaf-friendly staff member who can assist our customers who might need this service.  Please contact Jennifer Genato for more assistance.


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